Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area

Land Trust Working Group

Formed in 2010, the Land Trust Working Group is a network of conservation organizations that promote and support voluntary land conservation opportunities within the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area. Through mutual support and collective action, the Working Group’s purpose is to exchange and develop information (such as resource data); leverage and secure funding resources; identify conservation opportunities and priorities; and build capacity and leadership to achieve effective land conservation in the region.

Members of the Working Group are nonprofit organizations whose purpose and activity is the direct protection and/or stewardship of land and water in the Blue Ridge Berryessa Natural Area. Each organization is in good standing with local and national land trust communities and accepted members of the California Council of Land Trusts and Land Trust Alliance.

Members include California Rangeland Trust, Lake County Land Trust, Land Trust of Napa County, Solano Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Trust for Public Land, and Yolo Land Trust.




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