The Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area encompasses approximately 2,000 acres (the actual acreage varies due to reservoir fluctuations) of undeveloped annual grassland and California oak woodland on the east shore of Lake Berryessa in Napa County The Wildlife Area runs along the entire east shore of the lake from the east side of Monticello Dam to Eticuera Creek. The area is federally owned and administered by the Bureau of Reclamation.

The Partnership is in the process of entering into a management agreement with the Bureau of Reclamation to support the management, operation, and maintenance of the Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area. Through a collaborative approach, the Wildlife Area would be managed to demonstrate collaboration, innovation, and conservation best practices to achieve the following goals.


  • Improve wildlife habitat,
  • protect native plant and animal species,
  • decrease invasive species,
  • decrease the risk of wildfire, and
  • increase recreational opportunities compatible with the authorized purposes of the Wildlife Area.