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As one of California’s most biologically significant landscapes, we are presented with both a challenge and an extraordinary opportunity to create a coordinated public/private conservation program – one that will lead to greater participation and involvement and new opportunities to conserve and enhance the natural, agricultural, recreational, and cultural resources of this unique region. But we need your involvement to make this vision a reality!

The Blue Ridge-Berryessa Partnership invites the partners and public to attend an important general partnership meeting on October 28, 2014 to discuss the future of the Partnership. We need input from landowners, businesses, ranchers, non-profits, recreational interests, and government entities…all stakeholders who have an interest in the conservation of the region. Please attend this important meeting! RSVP Mary Adelzadeh at mary@brbna.org or 530-402-5404.

General Partnership Meeting
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Location: TBD

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Throughout the year, the Blue Ridge-Berryessa Partnership hosts a variety of events which focus on developing the strength of the region.  We invite you to participate, learn more about what the region has to offer, and become an advocate of our organization.

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