Coming Together to Care for the Land

On October 28th, the Partnership hosted a community meeting to solicit input on its future strategy. At the meeting, the Partnership’s purpose was reaffirmed: to facilitate networking; shared projects; and shared funding. To this end,  several projects that will require collaboration in order to be successful were identified. These projects are summarized below.

Regional Trail Connecting Middletown to Lake Berryessa
• Includes land acquisitions
• Landowner Outreach
• Economic development opportunity

Invasive Species/Joint Vegetation Management Plan (combined for now)
• Cooperative project across the region
• Involves mapping and prioritizing
• Address fire suppression needs
• Promote controlled burns as a management tool
• Smoke Management Plan for permitting
• Based on historic fire intervals
• Habitat improvements
• Should include public lands
• Engage CAL FIRE as part of the process

Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area
• Conduct cultural resource surveys
• Demonstration project for improved habitat (public education)
• Agro-tourism (can we incorporate agro-tourism into our projects)
• Utilize grazing as a management tool
• Support recreation, as appropriate

In the coming months, the Partnership will be arranging project meetings to flesh out the details (i.e. goals, objectives, project activities, and work plans). With this information a comprehensive proposal will be developed to acquire funding to support each project. In order for a project to be viable, there must be a core group of partners committed to each project (i.e., provide leadership, attend meetings, and help implement project activities). If you have interest in participating in one or more of the projects, please contact Mary Adelzadeh at to be added on the contact list for project notifications.


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